Out now: The first "Flight Level Lego Game" designed by Henriette

aktualisiert am 22.03.2022
To learn about agile ways of working and the advantages of that, some theory maybe good for a start - but how to really understand more than that? How to experience what really makes the difference - especially in trainings? The agile community likes to use simulations as e.g. the Scrum Lego City Game for that - trying to explain the mechanic bridging the gap to the real life experiment. The news are -its out now: the first Flight Level Lego City Game simulation designed by Henriette Wienges both as a Miro or Lego Version. I can tell you - by playing some of the agile simulations, you will understand totally counterintuitive facts at the one hand and processes at the other, that seemed to be so complicated in theory. But moreover - we can use those simulations not only for trainings, but to simulate real life cases - defining e.g. a status quo and using the simulation to manipulate it into different possible directions of strategic decisions to understand the impacts of each option. That way we can make better strategic decisions, find existing coordinationpoints based on empericism not the organziation chart, include the needed persons into the communication or e.g. plan resources and add change strategies as rules to your workflow. Also showing it very visually e.g. how stuck your pipeline might be, so that no new strategic decission will get through - mitght open some eyes.. Let's play!

The Simulatoin has already been played several times within Telekom and Bosch. Thanks also to Kerstin Lerner developing it further with me, also to Bernd Kudicke for adding the idea to look at the Flight Routes and cutting it down to a simple version to be played in shorter sessions. Thanks also to Mathias Tölken and Torsten Scheller who where my first sparring partners and of cause my Class of the Flight Level Coaches for your feedback. I am also happy to anounce, that it will be part of the Flight Level System Architecture Classes of the Flight Level Academy now and therefore also thanks to Klaus Leopold and Katrin Dietze for the wonderful thinking model, to Markus Brandl and Lukas Schmidt for further adjusting it to the context of the courses. So there is nothing more to say than this:

"Nothing is more powerfull than an idea, whose time has come". (Victor Hugo)

If you like to play the Flight Level Lego City Game within your company or any other context - just contact us, we are happy to facilitate it. The Simulation is openly accessable under the creative common law - so use it and name the source.

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